Our cancellation conditions are now more flexible. Fiind out here!

Are you thinking of booking your winter holidays, but you slow down at the last minute because you don’t know what’s going to happen?  At Els Llacs Mountain Apartments you can book with complete peace of mind. We adapt to the situation and we make our cancellation conditions flexible to the circumstances.

If you cancel because of COVID causes we will return you 100% of the amount of your reservation.

We make our cancellation conditions more flexible and better in general so that you don’t think twice about booking your snow holiday. If you have to cancel your reservation because of the Covid we will give you a full refund. Or if you prefer, you can also request a change of dates within the same season without penalty.

We detail the causes of cancellation related to the Covid-19.

  • Due to the closure of the perimeter of your area of residence or the borders of Andorra.
  • If confinement or quarantine is declared in your area of residence or in Andorra.
  • Closure of the flats.
  • If the ski resorts are closed.
  • Hospitalisation, confinement or medical leave of any of the members of the reserve.

Furthermore, if these situations occur during your stay in the mountain flats, we will not charge you for the nights and services you have left to consume.

We have also reviewed our entire cancellation policy for other reasons. Check it out here

More than just adapting the cancellation conditions for COVID

In addition, we have also implemented new protocols and health and safety measures to prevent coronavirus infection. In the Els Llacs mountain flats we follow the recommendations of the institutions and we are up to date in this matter. On our website you will find all the detailed information.

7×6 offer: holidays in Andorra in the snow

Now that you know our more flexible cancellation conditions, you can’t miss our 7×6 offer. For every 6 nights booked we will give you 1 night free. We propose you an offer to enjoy a whole week’s holiday in the snow.  All you have to do is choose the appartment you like best or the one that suits you best. We don’t have two of them! Come with whoever you want: in family, in couple… besides, your pet is also welcome.

In our holiday flats you will find everything you need to spend your holidays and more, as we have the services of the Park Piolets hotel. 

Don’t miss out on your holidays and book now!

Cool activities to make the most of your week

And finally we give you 7 fun ideas to do every day of your holiday:

  • Try the Canillo Family Park zip line: release adrenaline while enjoying the views of Grandvalira and flying over Lake Fron. Choose: sitting, stretching or tandem with your child.
  • Hire a mushing excursion in the forest and discover the best snowy landscapes of Grau Roig or El Tarter, on a sledge pulled by dogs. This is one of the activities that both young and old alike enjoy most. 
  • The Tobotronc de Naturlandia is the largest nature slide in the world (5.3 km) and we have it in Andorra. You will love the descent, but you will also enjoy the climb.
  • Reserve at least one midday or one night to treat yourself in one of the restaurants of Andorra, where you will be delighted with the Andorran, international or exotic gastronomy.
  • Spend an afternoon in Caldea: if you go with children in the Thermoludic, or as a couple in Inúu. The panoramic lagoon is a must.
  • Ski or snowboard a whole week from a different sector every day. Between the Grandvalira and Vallnord resorts you won’t have to repeat a run if you don’t want to.
  • And if you are a big fan of skiing: experience night skiing at Pas de la Casa or get up early to enjoy the first snow from 8am to 9am.

Now with our more flexible cancellation conditions you can book with complete confidence and just think about how you are going to enjoy your winter holidays. 


Family activities in Andorra: find the seven Tamarros

Do you know the Tamarros? They are magic beings that live in the Pyrenees and are very difficult to see. They are hidden in the woods and mountains. Would you like to join your children to look for these wonderful creatures? It’s a great activity for the whole family. As well as taking you to discover new corners of our country, you will enjoy nature and the little ones in the house will get a reward.

Leave to find the seven Tamarros

Have fun with your family this summer by searching for the seven Tamarros who are hiding all over Andorra. Their hideouts are easily accessible and located in beautiful natural areas, near viewpoints, rivers or picnic areas.

We have been told that these beings are protecting our natural habitat from an evil troll called “Brutícia” (dirt) who is dirtying everything it finds around: forests, lakes, meadows… Each Tamarro takes care of one of the seven parishes of the Principality and the children who visit us can help them in their mission. They only have to find the magic portals and activate them with a round stone so that the Tamarros can find their way out of their magic world to Andorra.

At the end of the search, and to reward this great help, each child will receive a gift. But before starting, you have to visit a tourist office to get a notebook to fill in at each point. The closest one is in Canillo.

Let the search begin! 

End the day resting in the spa

After all that hard work, you deserve a reward too. When you arrive at the Els Llacs Mountain apartments, recover yourself in our spa with mountain views while listening to the singing of the birds or watching a sunset from the Jacuzzi.


This summer don’t think twice about it. Come and spend your holidays surrounded by nature, discovering the Tamarros’ hideout, an activity in Andorra for the whole family. Stay at Els Llacs Mountain Apartments and enjoy all the comfort and unbeatable location of tourist apartments in the countryside.


Enjoy your safe summer holidays in Andorra

In a few days we will meet again! Start to imagine your summer holidays in Andorra, because in a few days we open again Els Llacs Mountain Apartments.

Summer activities in Andorra

We are not the only ones thinking about opening. There are other tourism establishments that are considering operating this summer with the relevant security measures to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

At the moment, these are the first news we have received and of which we are beginning to speak: this summer we will be able to enjoy Mon(t) Magic in Canillo, Soldeu Golf, located in Grandvalira and the Bike Park in Pal in Vallnord station.

For the moment, the activities and timetables have not been confirmed. But they are starting to talk about security measures.

A limited volume of people will be considered. For example, to get on the chairlifts and cable cars, the limit is set at 2 people (or more if they belong to the same family) and they will be disinfected after each use.There is also talk of making reservations and payments by internet to avoid physical contact and thus encourage minimum distance. In addition, from our apartments, at the time of booking your stay, we can also manage the tickets for these activities, as soon as we have more information. 😉

Another of the activities to be opened is the Palau de Gel, located in Canillo, where preventive actions will also be implemented to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

And if you wish, you can also take a bath in Caldea this summer. The centre is also working to adopt major safety measures in its thermal waters, as well as in all its facilities.

Not to mention that these activities in Andorra are perfectly complemented by excursions to the mountains.

Don’t forget that our tourist apartments are very well located, at the door of Grandvalira in the middle of the mountain. They are ideal for hikking in the open air and enjoying 100% of nature and are suitable for all levels!

Opening of borders

The borders with neighbouring countries have been closed during the entire coronavirus quarantine period. As of June 1, the border with France will be opened and the Spanish border is expected to open in early July. In order to allow tourists to travel to Andorra, work is underway to make it a domestic destination in both countries.

Andorra is a safe country to travel to

As in any other country, Andorra was also quarantined by completely stopping its activities and confining the entire population to their homes. It also began a gradual deconfinement in which, little by little, economic activities and businesses were resumed. In mid-April, measures were taken to ensure that citizens began to enjoy one hour every two days in the open air, with specific time slots. And so, until June 1 when these restrictions were lifted and the vast majority of economic activities were resumed.

On the other hand, it has pioneered a study of antibodies to the entire population.

As general safety measures all people must wear a mask in their daily life, as well as gloves and disinfectant gel for people facing the public, among other measures according to their activity.

In Els Llacs Mountain Apartments we will also open with all possible safety measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19. You can check them out here. See you very soon!

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