Miradores de Andorra

The most impressive viewpoints in Andorra are still open in autumn. If you have planned a getaway for this time of year, you can also include them in your visits and you won’t regret it! You’ll discover new places, if you haven’t already done so, and you’ll be able to see the change of season as nature prepares for winter, changing from the green of the mountains to the reds, oranges and yellows. From the flats we love to propose plans throughout the year so that you always have ideas for when you travel to Andorra.

A solar viewpoint built on a peak

It is located in the resort of Ordino Arcalís, at an altitude of 2700 metres on the Peyreguils Peak. From here you can see the Ordino valley and the rest of the peaks that form the Tristaina circle. In addition to being a lookout point, it is also a sundial. It is a circular installation 25 metres in diameter suspended over the summit with a central 27-metre pole that offers privileged views. It has been created in honour of the “solar mountain”, a natural phenomenon that takes place once a year when the sun shines through a hole in the mountain on the peak of Tristaina.

How to get to the viewpoint?

You can do it comfortably from the Tristaina cable car that will take you to La Coma and from here you can go up to the Creussans chairlift.
From 12 September to 1 November the gondola lift is only open at weekends and on public holidays. However, weather permitting, the chairlift is open every day until 1 November. Find out before you go up. After the ride, you will only have a short walk of about 20 minutes at most. There is no charge for access to the viewpoint, although the chairlift and gondola lift do.

One of the most famous viewpoints in Andorra

The Roc del Quer has already become a classic summer visit. But we assure you that in autumn it is also highly recommended. It is an iconic spot for its views over Canillo and the surrounding peaks, but also for its construction. A 20-metre walkway, 12 metres of which are suspended in the air, culminating in the figure of a thinker. Access to the Roc del Quer is payable and you can buy tickets along with the Tibetan Bridge in Canillo, from its website, where you can also check opening times.

 How to get to the Roc del Quer?

From the flats, it is about 30 minutes by car, without leaving the parish of Canillo, at kilometre 6.5 km of the road to Montaup. Just before arriving you will find a car park where you can park your car without any problem. Then you only have to walk about 400 metres, with a short descent.

A viewpoint to admire the capital

On this route we have taken you to the most famous viewpoints in Andorra, but we also want you to discover other spots that are also very beautiful. The first is the Comella viewpoint, located on the road of the same name in the country’s capital. Near it you’ll find a picnic area with tables and stone seats where you can prepare a small picnic and enjoy an afternoon in the middle of nature. From this viewpoint you will have a close-up view of the Pic del Carroi, the Pic de les Fonts, or the Pic del Pla de l’Estany, and, of course, Andorra la Vella.

How to get to the Comella viewpoint

It is very easy to reach. It is on the road just 3 km from the capital of the country. So you’ll just have to get in the car and head for Andorra la Vella.

Sant Romà dels Vilars viewpoint

From this viewpoint you will have a view of the towns of Escaldes-Engordany and Andorra la Vella, with the backdrop of the mountains tinged with reddish, orange and ochre colours. It is located next to a small Romanesque church.
In autumn, although the days are cooler, they are also sunny, so you can plan to stop for a snack,

How do you get to Sant Romà dels Vilars?

There are different ways to get to the viewpoint, but first you have to go to Escaldes and from there follow any of the paths that go up to Engordany. Then link up with the cobbled path that will take you to the church. You’ll have to walk uphill (as is usual in Andorra 😉) but you’ll see that it’s a very pleasant walk.

If Andorra’s viewpoints are also for autumn, so are our Els Llacs flats. Make your reservation and enjoy the best views!

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