Miradores de Andorra

The best views of Andorra in autumn

The most impressive viewpoints in Andorra are still open in autumn. If you have planned a getaway for this time of year, you can also include them in your visits and you won’t regret it! You’ll discover new places, if you haven’t already done so, and you’ll be able to see the change of season as nature prepares for winter, changing from the green of the mountains to the reds, oranges and yellows. From the flats we love to propose plans throughout the year so that you always have ideas for when you travel to Andorra.

A solar viewpoint built on a peak

It is located in the resort of Ordino Arcalís, at an altitude of 2700 metres on the Peyreguils Peak. From here you can see the Ordino valley and the rest of the peaks that form the Tristaina circle. In addition to being a lookout point, it is also a sundial. It is a circular installation 25 metres in diameter suspended over the summit with a central 27-metre pole that offers privileged views. It has been created in honour of the “solar mountain”, a natural phenomenon that takes place once a year when the sun shines through a hole in the mountain on the peak of Tristaina.

How to get to the viewpoint?

You can do it comfortably from the Tristaina cable car that will take you to La Coma and from here you can go up to the Creussans chairlift.
From 12 September to 1 November the gondola lift is only open at weekends and on public holidays. However, weather permitting, the chairlift is open every day until 1 November. Find out before you go up. After the ride, you will only have a short walk of about 20 minutes at most. There is no charge for access to the viewpoint, although the chairlift and gondola lift do.

One of the most famous viewpoints in Andorra

The Roc del Quer has already become a classic summer visit. But we assure you that in autumn it is also highly recommended. It is an iconic spot for its views over Canillo and the surrounding peaks, but also for its construction. A 20-metre walkway, 12 metres of which are suspended in the air, culminating in the figure of a thinker. Access to the Roc del Quer is payable and you can buy tickets along with the Tibetan Bridge in Canillo, from its website, where you can also check opening times.

 How to get to the Roc del Quer?

From the flats, it is about 30 minutes by car, without leaving the parish of Canillo, at kilometre 6.5 km of the road to Montaup. Just before arriving you will find a car park where you can park your car without any problem. Then you only have to walk about 400 metres, with a short descent.

A viewpoint to admire the capital

On this route we have taken you to the most famous viewpoints in Andorra, but we also want you to discover other spots that are also very beautiful. The first is the Comella viewpoint, located on the road of the same name in the country’s capital. Near it you’ll find a picnic area with tables and stone seats where you can prepare a small picnic and enjoy an afternoon in the middle of nature. From this viewpoint you will have a close-up view of the Pic del Carroi, the Pic de les Fonts, or the Pic del Pla de l’Estany, and, of course, Andorra la Vella.

How to get to the Comella viewpoint

It is very easy to reach. It is on the road just 3 km from the capital of the country. So you’ll just have to get in the car and head for Andorra la Vella.

Sant Romà dels Vilars viewpoint

From this viewpoint you will have a view of the towns of Escaldes-Engordany and Andorra la Vella, with the backdrop of the mountains tinged with reddish, orange and ochre colours. It is located next to a small Romanesque church.
In autumn, although the days are cooler, they are also sunny, so you can plan to stop for a snack,

How do you get to Sant Romà dels Vilars?

There are different ways to get to the viewpoint, but first you have to go to Escaldes and from there follow any of the paths that go up to Engordany. Then link up with the cobbled path that will take you to the church. You’ll have to walk uphill (as is usual in Andorra 😉) but you’ll see that it’s a very pleasant walk.

If Andorra’s viewpoints are also for autumn, so are our Els Llacs flats. Make your reservation and enjoy the best views!

Ruta con perro

Andorra: the ideal destination for a holiday in the mountains with your dog

Discover a dog-friendly hike with your dog in Andorra!
If you’re a lover of outdoor activities and you also have a loyal four-legged friend, then you can’t miss hiking with your dog in Andorra. The country offers a unique and diverse natural environment, where both you and your furry companion will enjoy yourselves to the full.

Dog-friendly hikes in Andorra

Andorra has a large number of trails and paths that are perfect for walking with your dog. From quiet walks in the forest to more demanding excursions in the mountains. There are options for all levels and tastes: inform yourself thoroughly before starting a hike and choose one that suits your physical condition. It is also important to be properly equipped with mountain clothing and footwear, a hat, sun cream and good hydration. Remember to keep your dog on a leash at all times.
Here is an itinerary that you can do well with the whole family.

Excursion to the Estanyó Lake

The hike starts in the Sorteny nature park in the Ordino biosphere reserve, the starting point for this and other hikes.
From the information hut you will have to climb almost to the top of the Borda De Sorteny refuge. On this first stretch you will come across the sculpture commemorating the stripagecs, by the Andorran artist Pere Moles. Five 8-metre-high figures recreate the iron bars that were once placed on the windows of houses to protect them from thieves. Right next to it you’ll find a small botanical garden with some of the species found in the park. If you take the route with your dog and your children, they will enjoy learning the names of the plants and flowers.
As we said, you have to continue until you almost reach the refuge, which is open in summer and has a restaurant service (if you are interested in staying for lunch, we recommend that you make a reservation beforehand). A little further on you will find a turning on the right that shows you the way to the Estanyó lake. First there is a short descent to the river and then a path that climbs up through the forest. This is the steepest climb of the entire route, with about 200 metres of ascent. Once you leave the trees behind, the path is gentler and follows the river upwards until you reach the lake.
It takes about 2 hours one way and 2 hours return, with a moderate difficulty.
To get to the Sorteny park, you have to go to the parish of Ordino. In the summer months the car park is payable from 8.30 am (€4). If you arrive before that time, you can park for free and avoid the hottest hours of the day.

Pet-friendly flats

After enjoying this trail with your dog, you’ll need a comfortable and cosy place to rest. In our spacious and comfortable flats we welcome guests with pets, where you can relax and enjoy a peaceful atmosphere.
In this article you will find tips for enjoying the mountains with your dog and the information you need to know about travelling to Andorra with a pet. Please note that we apply a surcharge of €10 per pet per night.

There’s no better way to enjoy a holiday than doing what you love with your pet. So don’t think twice, get ready for an unforgettable adventure in Andorra! Explore its wonderful routes, admire its natural beauty and stay in pet-friendly flats to enjoy a perfect stay. Your dog will thank you and you’ll have unforgettable moments together, so pack your bags!

parques de aventura

Adventure Parks in Andorra

The perfect way to end the month of August is to visit Andorra’s adventure parks. Are you up for it?
In this article we tell you what you can find and what dates the Mon(t) Magic and Vallpark of Grandvalira Resorts and Naturland will be open until.

The adventure park closest to the apartments

Located in the Canillo sector of Grandvalira, it is a family park surrounded by mountains and nature that offers leisure activities for all members of the family. The activities are classified by age.
Its facilities include a 550-metre zip line that can reach up to 80 km/hour, with the possibility of flying over the lake in tandem with your child. The Magic Gliss is a spectacular two-seater slide 550 metres down and 180 metres up, which will become an even more exciting experience with the augmented reality glasses. The BigAirbag is a platform where you can free fall.
Complete your summer activities in Andorra with trampolines, acrojump, archery and mini-golf. There are also proposals for exploring nature such as an escape room and a hiking route adapted for all the family to discover the legends and fantastic characters of Andorra.
In the park you will also find a lake, El Forn, which contrasts with the surroundings and offers a peaceful environment for water activities in a comfortable and safe way.
It is open every day until 24 September, from 10am to 6pm, and has different types of entrance.
No doubt, it is a place with exciting attractions that will surprise you.

More attractions to end the summer in style

To get to the Mountain Park you will have to go to La Massana and from there either take the cable car (included in the ticket price) or drive up to the Pal sector. In summer, the Mountain Park offers activities for children from 6 to 16 years old, as well as activities for adults in the heart of nature. In the Peque Park children will enjoy inflatables, slides, climbing walls, ball pool and more, all in the open air. Other activities in which they will have a great time are tubbing or jumping, where they can jump to a great height and even do somersaults in the air, and the children’s zip line. They will also be able to explore nature and the environment through orienteering circuits or a labyrinth. For mums and dads, there are exciting activities such as the Big Zip, a 338-metre zip line 28 metres above the ground. Other great attractions include the go-karting circuit, buggy rides and summer retracks.
The Mountain Park is an incredible adventure that awaits you in Andorra if you want to have as much fun as possible during your holidays with the whole family.
It is open until 11 September.

Downhills, jumps and circuits for mountain biking enthusiasts

The resort also has a Bike Park in Pal. It has 40 kilometres and 32 different circuits for practising different mountain biking disciplines with your mountain bike. Two of them are equipped with modules, there are also descents, others for Cross-Country, Enduro and Four Cross. It also has routes for e-Bikes and for children.
The Pal Arinsal Bike Park is considered to be the 4th best in the world and hosts the MTB World Cup events (In this article you can consult the agenda of the major competitions in Andorra).
Open every day until 11 September, from 10h00 to 18h30. From 16 September to 8 October, only on weekends and for the Pilar long weekend it will be open from 12 to 15 October from 10am to 5pm.

Family fun continues in Sant Julià de Lòria

Naturland is the third open-air adventure park which, like the first two, also offers a wide range of activities for the whole family. It is located in the Rabassa forest, in the parish of Sant Julià de Lòria. It is divided into two completely separate areas, but with a common factor: nature. The first area, located at an altitude of 1600 metres, has an esplanade where the centre’s main activities take place. The other area, located at 2000 metres, is an area designed to encourage activities in the heart of nature and is the starting point for some guided hiking routes. In addition, you will also find the Naturland Bicycle Centre and the equestrian centre, among others.
In summer it is open until 3 September every day from 10am to 6pm. From 9 September to 26 November it is only open on weekends and public holidays. From the December long weekend onwards it will offer winter activities.

There’s still time to enjoy Andorra’s adventure parks and outdoor activities. Do you know them all?

parcs naturels

Andorra’s Natural Parks: a haven of biodiversity in the Pyrenees

Join us on a tour of Andorra’s three natural parks that will make you fall madly in love with nature.

The Madriu Perafita and Claror Valley

This is the first on our list of natural parks. This impressive area was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2004. It covers 4,247 hectares, which represents 10% of the country’s total territory, and it spreads over the parishes of Encamp, Andorra la Vella, Sant Julià de Lòria and Escaldes-Engordany. Here, nature is intertwined with history and culture, creating a unique landscape. Explore the trails that cross ancient shepherds’ paths and let yourself be captivated by the landscapes of mountains and green meadows.
As natural attractions you can enjoy peaks such as the Portella, the highest in the park (2905 m.) or the Pic Negre. There are around thirty lakes, such as l’Illa, the second largest in Andorra, and Montmalús. The park is also home to 70% of the Principality’s flora and fauna species.
On the other hand, the cultural heritage in this area preserves vestiges of the traditional life of the inhabitants of Andorra. Such as old stone huts, orris (shepherds’ huts) and ancestral paths. Not surprisingly, it has been recognised as a treasure.
Finally, here’s a curious fact: thanks to the Madriu river, 15% of the country’s electricity is produced and it supplies drinking water to 20% of the population.

The Comapedrosa Natural Park

We continue on our circuit and we cannot miss another of the country’s natural parks. It is located in the parish of La Massana, has a total surface area of 15.42 km2 and is home to the highest peak in Andorra: Comapedrosa at an altitude of 2,942 metres. Walking along the paths of this park is a paradise for lovers of hiking in Andorra. You will be captivated by its imposing peaks, valleys and waterfalls. You can enjoy different routes such as the Pla de l’Estany, reach the top of the country (only suitable for experts) or walk along the Pollós river. You’ll also have the chance to see native species of flora and fauna.
Among the three natural parks, it is the only one that has received the Starlight Reserve distinction. This is a recognition awarded by the foundation of the same name, which considers that an area has optimum conditions for the preservation of darkness. It is considered to have the darkest sky in the whole country, ideal for organising astronomical observation trips.

The third of the nature parks: Sorteny

Last but not least, we turn to the Sorteny nature park, which covers an area of 1080 hectares. It is the first nature park to be created in Andorra in 1999. Located in the parish of Ordino, it was declared a Unesco Biosphere Reserve in October 2020. It is a paradise for botany lovers and photography enthusiasts. It has a botanical garden where you can observe part of the diversity of flora with more than 700 species of flowers and plants. It is the starting point for many hiking routes and in winter it is famous for its snowshoeing routes. This natural park is home to two of the highest peaks in the country: Estanyó (2,915 m) and Serrera (2,913 m).
It is also part of the Three Nations Pyrenean Park, together with the Comapedrosa, Pyrénées Ariégeoises and Alt Pirineu parks. One of the most emblematic points is the peak of Medacorba, which is the point of confluence between Andorra, France and Catalonia.

Activities in the natural parks

From the imposing grandeur of Comapedrosa to the exuberant beauty of Sorteny and the historical charm of Vall del Madriu. All the parks have a particularity that makes them unique and different from the others. What they all have in common is that they are areas of great natural value that deserve to be preserved and cared for. The natural parks offer a wide range of outdoor activities, such as hiking trails, with the possibility of hiring professional guides. They also have climbing and via ferrata routes, horse riding and mountain biking routes, and even ski mountaineering in the winter months.

So don’t hesitate any longer, put on your hiking boots and venture into these natural paradises, and don’t forget your camera, because you’ll find postcard-worthy snapshots here!
Don’t worry about your rest, we provide it in our flats: Els Llacs Mountain Apartments in Bordes d’Envalira 😉.


Andorra: ideal destination to enjoy nature on E-bike

If you’re passionate about cycling, we’ve got just what you’re looking for! We’re sure you won’t run out of the more than 150 kilometres of E-Bike circuits that Grandvalira has prepared for this summer.

New E-Bike routes in Grandvalira

Grandvalira has launched new signposted circuits for electric bikes. It’s the perfect opportunity to go cycling along more than 94 kilometres in Grau Roig, Soldeu, Canillo, Pas de la Casa, El Tarter and Encamp sectors. There are different types of trails depending on the difficulty and gradient. Like the ski slopes, they are marked by colours: green, blue, red and black, from the easiest to the most technical. So you can enjoy the routes depending on your level, whether you’ve never tried an E-Bike before or you’re an expert and want to test yourself on more demanding routes. All you have to do is plan your outings and choose the circuits that best suit your needs.

Complete facilities to enjoy the E-Bike

If we add to these routes the circuits of the Pal Arinsal Bike Park, Grandvalira Resorts has a total of 150 kilometres designed for electric bicycles.
The circuits are complemented by new charging points for all electric bike models in Soldeu, Canillo and Encamp, as well as areas with basic repair tools and pressure hoses for cleaning your bike.
To facilitate the access, Grandvalira has launched the Bike Pass, a day pass, which allows you to use the Encamp, Canillo and Soldeu cable cars. If you already have the Andorra Pass or the Nord Pass for the 2022-23 winter season, you have free access to all the ski lifts open in summer.

Enjoy the mountain on wheels

To make the most of the experience, Grandvalira has classified the routes by levels:
Green and blue: the simple ones. 30 kilometres of routes with hardly any difficulty, designed for cyclists who are just starting out.
Blue and red: the challenging ones. To enjoy these routes you will need to have a good basic knowledge of mountain biking. A total of 50 kilometres of trails, each one longer than the previous level, with slopes of medium difficulty.
The red and black ones: the complex ones. These are for very experienced riders, capable of overcoming climbs and obstacles of greater difficulty and steeper slopes.

Want more adrenaline?

The Pal Bike Park awaits you. Located in the northern valleys, it can be accessed from the La Massana cable car. It has more than 60 kilometres of circuits for all mountain bike disciplines, routes for electric bikes and a children’s area to introduce the youngest members of the family to your favourite sport.
From 22 to 27 August it hosts the UCI MBT World Cup, in the Cross-Country, Short-Track and downhill events, in the men’s and women’s categories. It has become one of the most eagerly awaited events for MTB lovers.

Do you prefer to test yourself with your road bike?

In Andorra you won’t get bored riding through its landscapes and mountain passes. A total of 21 challenges await you, many of which have been the setting for epic stages of the Tour de France and La Vuelta a España. In fact, the latter returns to the country at the end of August. We tell you about it here, along with the rest of the sporting competitions that will take place in the Principality.

Flats in Soldeu

Our holiday appartments are ready to welcome you on your cycling holidays in Andorra. We have flats with an unbeatable location to enjoy the mountains and summer sports, with large rooms and 100% equipped so that you lack nothing. We also have a spa so you can relax after a day of adventures with your bike. And of course, we have a cycling room, a guarded room with a camera to store your bike.

If you’re looking for the perfect place for your cycling holiday in Andorra, you’ve found us 😉.
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Electric motorbike tours: a new way to enjoy Andorra

This summer we have a new proposal that we are sure you will love. You will discover incredible landscapes and ride along mountain trails in a different way: riding an electric motorbike! You will be in direct contact with nature, respecting the environment and enjoying the benefits of an outdoor activity.

Guided excursion on an electric motorbike

If you like the thrill of riding a motorbike and you love the beauty of the mountains, you’re lucky! We offer you a new activity that combines the best of both worlds: an electric motorbike tour in the mountains of Andorra, ideal to do with friends!
The route starts at our flats heading to the Grau Roig slopes of Grandvalira accompanied by a guide. Once there, you will get to the foot of the Montmalús peak, in the glacial cirque of Pessons.
The excursion lasts 50 minutes, during which you will enjoy nature and feel the fresh air in your lungs. Thanks to the electric motorbike you will be able to get close to the fauna and flora of the area, in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way, and without damaging the natural environment.

What do you need to ride an electric motorbike?

As a requirement, you only need to know how to ride a bicycle or motorbike, but it is not compulsory to have a driving licence. The organiser of the route provides the loan of the bike, helmet and gloves. On the other hand, it is compulsory to wear long trousers and shoes tied for safety, and minimum height of 1.50 m. and a minimum of 4 people.
Get ready to walk along trails and paths that will lead you to discover breathtaking views!

Book the excursion with Els Llacs Mountain Apartments

To make things easier for you and to offer you the best possible price, we have created an offer that will allow you to enjoy this adventure. It includes the circular route with a guide and one night in the flats located in Bordes de Envalira (to which you can add as many extra nights as you wish).
Booking is very easy: just choose the flat of your choice, select the number of nights and make the reservation. What’s more, by booking through our website you will benefit from an additional 10% discount.

Combine nature with many other activities

When you get off the bike you will still have 1000 more experiences to live.
Here are just a few to inspire you:

– Hiking in the mountains

Combine the routes on an electric motorbike with hiking excursions. Near Els Llacs you will be able to cross valleys, climb lakes and peaks of Andorra that will leave you open-mouthed.

– Play golf in Andorra

Grandvalira is home to the highest golf course in Europe, which can only be reached by the Soldeu cable car. It has 9 holes and a par 33, and is completely integrated into the surroundings.

– Spend a few hours at the spa

It’s time to visit the spa! Our flats have a spa for the exclusive use of our guests, included in the price. Here you can bathe in the indoor and outdoor jacuzzis, and relax in the sauna or Turkish bath. And if you want more, you can book a massage or discover the Mountain Spa Mountain Wellness Club in Soldeu (both options at an additional cost).

Relax in our holiday apartments

After so much excitement, come back to your comfortable and cosy mountain flat to recharge your batteries – you’ll feel right at home! The rooms are equipped with comfortable beds, while in the kitchen you won’t miss anything to prepare your favourite meals.
We have everything you need, whether you come as a family, with friends or as a couple at any time of the year… and without leaving anyone behind as we are pet friendly and accept pets.

If you are already planning your holidays in Andorra, don’t hesitate to book our offer with flat and excursion with electric motorbike, we are waiting for you!

Senderisme amb nens

Easy and fun hikes for the whole family in Andorra

In Andorra, there are a thousand options for young and old alike to enjoy a day out in nature. The impressive landscape of mountains and valleys with a number of routes suitable for all levels make it an ideal place for hiking with children.
Here are some of the easiest and most fun itineraries that we have thought of for you, although there are many more options available.

The Toll Bullidor Path: a stairway to the water

To get to the start of this route you don’t have to leave the parish of Canillo. All you have to do is take the car and drive to the Meritxell roundabout in the direction of Les Molleres. Once you park you can start the trail to the Toll Bullidor, from the bridge. It is an easy walk that follows the river where there is a viewpoint that allows you to see the beautiful village of Meritxell and the sanctuary. You have to go down a flight of steps to reach the viewpoint to see the waterfall.

Tristaina’s First Lake: a trail for beginners

This is a simple hike with little elevation gain lasting 40 minutes, ideal for children to make their first excursion to the mountain. The starting point is in the area of La Coma in the Ordino-Arcalís resort. The excursion can be extended to see the other two lakes, the lake of Mig (in the middle) and the lake of Més Amunt (higher up). It is a circular hike of 4.4 kilometres that can be done in approximately 3 hours.
From la Coma de Arcalís you can also access the solar viewpoint. 

The magical paths of Maraculla: an outdoor activity for the whole family

Hiking with children can also be great fun and educational. In Andorra you’ll find four themed routes specially designed for children to get close to nature. On these circular routes, objects have been placed, integrated into the environment and related to the theme, so that they can learn to interpret them while having fun. You’ll have a great time helping your children to follow the clues! The tourist offices will give you the guides to the magic paths. The circuit called “where the mushrooms are” is the closest to Els Llacs Mountain Apartments. You will have to go to the Coll de Ordino road and follow the tracks in the guide to discover the most common mushrooms in Andorra.

The Ordino Living Forest (Bosc Viu): hiking with children in an original way

You will have to go to Ordino to reach the starting point of the trail in the forest of l’Esquella. It lasts 10 minutes and is suitable for children aged 3 and over. It can also be done from the village of Segudet, with a pleasant climb that will not take you more than 40 minutes. Once you reach the forest, you will discover the tradition of the Christmas Tio walking among the tree trunks. Right next to the Bosc del Tió, and without leaving the Living Forest (Bosc Viu), you can stroll through a space where nature and art come together. The sculptor Angel Calvente integrates his works into the trees to achieve a magical and original effect.

Will you find the seven Tamarros of Andorra?

The mountains of Andorra are magical and hide many legends that are the perfect excuse for hiking with children. On this occasion we suggest you go out and find the Tamarros, fantastic beings that protect nature in Andorra. There are 7 of them distributed all over the country and they are located in easily accessible mountain spots. We’ll just give you a hint about the first one: it’s called Nilo and it’s very close to the Maraculla magic path in Canillo 😉.

Hiking routes with children
This is a very enriching activity, as it allows them to breathe pure, fresh mountain air and is an excellent way of doing sport with the whole family. The trails adapted for the little ones are designed so that they can gain knowledge while having fun and discovering the local flora and fauna. These trails are perfect for all ages and many can be done with a dog.

If you decide to introduce your children to hiking, we will provide you with the best rest for them to recover their strength after a day of excitement.

Eventos en Andorra

Discover all that awaits you in Andorra this summer

We have no doubt that if you are reading this blog it is because you love the mountains, the outdoors and all activities related to nature. Well, we have good news! Because in summer there are endless events in Andorra. From top-level sporting competitions to concerts, festivals and parties that will liven up the days and nights of the whole family. So we bring you the agenda so you don’t miss any of them.

Trail running for mountain lovers

Mountain running lovers will find many challenging proposals.

– The Casamanya Extrem

This vertical race will allow you to crown one of the most emblematic peaks in the country on 11 June. You can choose between two routes: one of 5 kilometres and a vertical drop of 1,440 metres starting from the centre of Ordino and another of 3.5 kilometres and a positive vertical drop of 760 metres starting from the Coll de Ordino. There is also a race for the youngest members of the family (from the age of 11) who want to take their first steps in mountain races.

– The Spartan Race

The same weekend Encamp hosts the Spartan Race, the obstacle course race par excellence. It is made up of 4 races of different distances where the participants will have to face different obstacles, as well as a Kids Race for girls and boys. The Spartan Race scores points for the European Championships and the village offers activities for all ages.

– Trail 100 Andorra by UTMB

A challenge for the most demanding mountain runners. The event has 4 races of varying difficulty and will start in the village of Ordino, from 22 to 25 June. It is one of the most successful mountain running events in Andorra every summer.

– Merrel Mountain Festival Comapedrosa

The 15th edition of the most classic trail running event in Andorra will be held on 23 and 24 July. The Skyrace Comapedrosa and Skyrace Arinsal are joined by a new competition: the Vertical Comapedrosa. This year the Comapedrosa Mountain Festival will be launched and, in addition to the races, it will also offer activities for the whole family in the natural environment of the Comapedosa Park.

– The Pas de la Casa Crossing

From 12 to 13 August, a new trail running event with three distances (3km, 6km and 10km) will start and finish in Pas de la Casa.

Cycling championships and cycle-tourist rallies

One of the big stars of the summer is cycling, so there are many events in Andorra related to road cycling and mountain biking.

– Naturland Enduro Race

This is a mountain bike race that will take place at the Naturland Bike Center on 24 and 25 June. It is part of the Enduro World Series Qualifier, an international competition that qualifies the best riders for the Enduro World Series. It consists of four timed sections in the La Rabassa forest, with an advanced technical level. There will also be a race for children aged 2 to 14, the Enduro World Series Kids.

– The Andorra Epic Pyrenees

This is a mountain bike race in pairs, in the men’s, women’s and mixed categories. It has 4 stages, a total of 220 kilometres and 7160 metres of elevation gain. It is part of the Epic Series and will take place from 5 to 8 July.

– La Volta als Ports

This is the most historic cycling tour in the Principality. It includes 5 different routes, all starting from La Massana. It will be held on 23 July.

– Vallnord World Cup MTB

The Vallnord Pal bike park hosts this MTB competition which counts towards the UCI MTB World Cup from 22 to 27 August in the Cross-Country, Short-Track and Downhill categories. It is one of the most eagerly awaited events in Andorra by mountain biking fans and attracts a large number of people in summer.

– The Tour of Spain

On 28 August, the Grandvalira Resorts’ Arinsal resort will be the finish of the third stage of the Vuelta, starting from Súria. The following day, the day will start from the Parc Central in Andorra la Vella and head for Tarragona. The Vuelta a España is another of the cycling competitions that attracts the largest crowds, along with the Tour de France.

Other events in Andorra

– Outdoor Trial World Championship

From 16 to 18 June in Sant Julià you can see the best riders in the world competing in two rounds, with Toni Bou as the favourite.

– Ironman 70.3 Andorra

Yes, when we say we have everything, it’s true! The Ironman will take place on 2 July. As in previous editions, the swim (1.9km) will take place in the Engolasters lake, followed by the 90.1km road bike section in which the runners will have to climb the Coll de Ordino. The running section (a 21.1km half marathon) will start from the Parc Central in Andorra la Vella.

Parties and open-air concerts

After the sports competitions in the mountains, it’s time to relax and have fun.

– The fire nights of San Juan and San Pedro

This year the festival of the summer solstice of San Juan could not be more perfect. It’s the perfect excuse to organise a weekend getaway to Andorra and experience its fire night traditions. The whole country, from Canillo to Sant Julià, celebrates it with the traditional burning of the fallas and lighting of the bonfire. If you want to enjoy the fire festival again, you can do so on 29 June in Ordino with the burning of the Mai and its village festival.

– The Escaldes Engordany Jazz Festival

The Sala Prat del Roure, where the festival’s headliners will be performing; the Plaça Coprínceps with the “Jazz al Carrer” sessions, where you can enjoy the terrace while listening to an open-air concert or attend sessions and masterclasses for jazz lovers. This music event has been a reference point since 1984.

– The most authentic Cirque du Soleil

Cirque du Soleil presents a new show exclusively for Andorra: FESTA. This time acrobatics take centre stage to commemorate the company’s 10 years of collaboration with the Principality. We advise you to book your ticket before you come, as all seats are numbered. The shows run from Tuesday to Saturday from 1 to 30 July at 10pm.
– Evenings at the museums
The museums organise very special visits in the evenings, with small concerts, themed tours or small tastings of local beers and wines.

These are the events in Andorra that you can attend during the summer months. In case we’ve missed any, here’s the agenda for you to consult.

Whether you come to participate actively in these events or to enjoy them as an audience, you can book your flat in Andorra with us.


planes de verano

3 Plans to make the most of the summer in Andorra

In Andorra, the hottest season of the year is packed with outdoor activities, where the mountains and nature are the main protagonists. There are many options for all tastes. To give you an idea of what you can do, we’ve prepared 3 summer plans that you won’t be able to resist, and there won’t be a second left for boredom. Would you like to discover them?

Adventures in the heart of nature

The first of the 3 summer plans starts at Naturland. For this you’ll have to take the car and head for Sant Julià, the first town you come to when you arrive from Spain. The adventure park is located in La Rabassa and offers a wide range of activities. From exploring routes on foot, in a buggy or on horseback, climbing the zip line with curves through the trees, archery, jumping on the xtrem jump or discovering the farm animals, among others. Not forgetting the famous Tobotronc, an alpine slide through the forest on the way up and an adrenaline rush on the way down. It is the star attraction of the park and is great fun.
There is no doubt that you will spend an incredible day with a variety of activities suitable for the whole family.

Recharge your energy in the hot springs

After a day of emotions, before coming to rest at the holiday flats, we recommend you to make a stop at Caldea. It is the visit that you can combine with everything when you travel to Andorra. Take a bath in its thermal waters and enjoy the Thermoludic spaces if you go with children from 5 years old or in Inúu if you prefer an Adults Only experience. In both cases you can watch the sunset while you bathe in the jacuzzi of the panoramic lagoon over the river. An experience that you have to live when you go to the thermal centre.
From reception we can arrange your booking so that you don’t miss out on this or the rest of the summer plans.

One of the summer plans you can’t miss out on

Last year Canillo opened the second longest Tibetan bridge in Europe. It is the newest activity you can do in Andorra (last summer it was a great success and this one promises to be a repeat). The Canillo suspension bridge is a metal footbridge 600 metres long, 158 metres high and situated at an altitude of 1875 metres. It is the perfect vantage point from which to enjoy incredible views of the valley and the surrounding mountains. This plan comes with a double offer because you can buy it in a pack with the Roc del Quer. Another of Andorra’s must-see places.
To buy your ticket, you can do so via the website or at the Canillo tourist office.

Rest in style at Els Llacs Mountain Apartments

The tourist flats located in Bordes d’Envalira are what you need to regain your strength after enjoying your summer plans during the day in Andorra. Here you can sleep soundly without worrying about the heat, as we are located in the mountains and the temperature is always more pleasant.
Our holiday flats are 100% equipped and very comfortable. We have spacious flats that will make you feel at home when you stay with the whole family. Besides, we are pet friendly, so you can come with your pet without any problem.

Are you already feeling the adrenaline rushing through your body? This is the sign you need to book your holidays at Els Llacs Mountain Apartments and come and enjoy the best summer plans. If you already know where you want to start when you book your flat, don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can arrange tickets for these activities or others, we’ll be waiting for you!

Monumentos de Andorra

Free tour of the sculptures and open-air monuments of Andorra

Our article gives you ideas on how to organise some tours of Andorra’s monuments. Some of them you already know, but you are sure to discover at least one new one. What they have in common is that you can combine them with other activities, they don’t cost anything and most of them are accessible to dogs.

One of Andorra’s most famous monuments

La noblesse du temps” is located in the square of the roundabout, over the Valira river. You’re likely to come across it while shopping in the country’s most central streets. The sculpture created by Salvador Dalí symbolises the passing of time. The crown on the clock is the artist’s representation of the dominion of time over humanity.
Another interesting spot is just behind this piece of art: the Paris Bridge, with the famous Andorra la Vella letters that light up at night. It is one of the most Instagrammable places in the capital. Many families and couples stop in front of the sculpture to have their photo taken with the sign in the background.

A stroll through a fairytale village in Sant Julià

Auvinyá is a small village of “relatively” new construction, resulting from a private initiative. It is an urbanisation recreated as a small medieval village built with wood, stone and slate, with details that will transport you back to this period. The Casa Auvinyà vineyards are also located here, famous for the production of their high altitude wine, which you can also visit (for a fee).
There is still more… Now that you are in this part of Sant Julià, follow the road to La Rabassa and reach the Juberri gardens. Another magical place where art and nature merge. You’ll be amazed by the sculptures of animals, famous monuments of great cities and mythological beings scattered throughout the area.

A cup of tea in the mountains

It sounds like a great plan, but this is another sculpture . If you’re a fan of Andorra, you’re sure to know it: it’s the famous “Storm in a teacup” that you can see at Coll de la Botella, near Pal. A large metal structure that recreates a cup on a giant plate. To get there you will pass through Pal, another mountain village where it is well worth making a stop and strolling through its streets. If you’re travelling with children, don’t miss the route through the “Forest of the Menairons”, where these magical creatures live. These three visits are no problem for you and your four-legged companion.

Art in the middle of nature

Another sculpture that you are sure to be familiar with. It is located in the Arcalís ski resort at an altitude of 2,155 metres and is called “Punto sublime” (Sublime Point). The way it is inclined, it looks as if this giant “O” has to roll down the side of the mountain. You can combine this visit with the solar viewpoint and it is also the starting point for mountain routes, such as the Tristaina lakes. All of them, routes to share with your four-legged friend and suitable for children too.

An authentic mediaeval bridge

Another of Andorra’s monuments is the Margineda Bridge. Built in the 15th century, it is the only one of its kind still standing in the country: 33 metres long and with a single arch of nine and a half metres. It is located on the old royal road that leads to Andorra la Vella from Sant Julià and across the Valira River. You can get there on foot from the capital or by car.

These are some of Andorra’s outdoor sculptures and monuments, but there are many more. As most of the routes are pet-friendly, you can enjoy them with your dog.
Have you already chosen which one do you prefer?