esquí nórdico

Although downhill and ski mountaineering are the best-known and most popular options in Andorra, there is a third way to glide over the snow: Nordic skiing. If you are a lover of this winter sport, or if you want to get started in this discipline, the slopes of the Naturland resort await you.

Naturland: the destination for Nordic skiing

– Nordic skiing

Located in Sant Julià de Lòria, in the south of the country, this resort invites you to explore its 15 kilometres of slopes of all levels, through the La Rabassa forest. To get there, you have to go to the 2000 m elevation.
In addition to the trails, it also offers a cross-country ski school with specialised instructors, ideal for beginners and experienced skiers alike. You can also book excursions with expert guides to discover the stunning landscapes surrounding the resort. And to complete the experience, it also offers equipment hire shops, ensuring you have everything you need for your day in the snow.

– Adventure park

Naturland is also an outdoor adventure park offering a host of activities in the heart of the mountains, both in winter and summer. It also has the Tonbotronc, the longest nature toboggan run in the world with a distance of 5.3 km and a gradient of 400 metres, on which you can reach 35 km/hour.
Naturland is undoubtedly the perfect plan for a day of adventure.

What you need for Nordic skiing

If you have not yet taken up this winter sport, the first thing you need to know is that the boards, shoes and poles are different to those you would use for alpine skiing.
The skis are thinner and the binding is mobile, as you have to walk on the ski to glide across the snow. The poles are longer than those used in alpine skiing, to support you better, as you will need to use more force to propel yourself. Finally, cross-country ski boots are more flexible and lighter than ski boots.

Doing sport and getting fit

Nordic skiing is a very complete sport, as it works all parts of the body, including the torso and arms. It does not require any previous physical condition; it is accessible to all ages, opening up a world of possibilities for beginners and sports enthusiasts alike. The tranquillity of its circuits is combined with a less crowded atmosphere than alpine skiing. In addition, Nordic skiing is characterised by gentler slopes as it takes place on circuits through forests and mainly on flat trails.

Nordic ski passes for cross-country skiing in Naturland

The resort offers several alternatives for cross-country skiing in its facilities. You can buy from a one-day ski pass to a complete package, which is highly recommended to try this sport as it includes a day pass, ski equipment, lessons with an instructor and lunch.

A good rest after a day in the snow

Although on this occasion you have to go a little further than usual to experience one of Andorra’s winter activities, the journey will be worth it.
When you get back to the flat, all you have to do is relax. Let yourself be enveloped by the spaciousness and comfort of a perfectly equipped space, designed to guarantee your rest and well-being. Book your flat and come and enjoy the winter in Andorra. If you wish to book a ski pass for Nordic skiing or any other snow activity, contact us and we will manage your reservation.

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