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Nowadays, pets are an important part of the family. We rely on them more and more, even for holidays. Aspects such as choosing a destination, means of transport, accommodation and even activities often revolve around them. Beyond their simple companionship, travelling with your pet can have a significant impact on both your well-being and theirs. Not only do they enrich your experiences, but they also bring multiple benefits, which we detail below.


Strengthen your bond

By sharing new experiences and adventures, from hiking in the mountains to exploring downtown Andorra, mutual understanding and trust grows. This quality time, without the day-to-day rush, allows for a deeper connection, strengthening the emotional bond. So, travelling with your pet can strengthen your bond.


Travelling with pets enhances the experience

Pets often lead us to explore places we might otherwise overlook, such as secluded parks, off-the-beaten-path trails or mutually-friendly hiking trails. This different, pet-centred perspective allows you to discover hidden gems.


You meet other animal lovers

Both animals and their owners can benefit from interacting with new people and other pets. It gives you the opportunity to meet other travellers or local dog walkers in your area, which enriches your trip.


Improves physical health

Of course, travelling with your pet ensures a minimally active holiday. Exploring new environments, walking on unfamiliar trails or playing with your pet are great forms of exercise that benefit both of you. This outdoor physical activity not only improves fitness, but also contributes to overall wellbeing.
Discover trails for all levels to do with your dog that we propose in this article of our blog.


Accommodation to stay with your dog

In general, Andorra is a destination that welcomes pets and offers many plans in nature. At Els Llacs Mountain Apartments we are pet friendly because we know that it is very important to you that your dog accompanies you everywhere. We offer spacious and comfortable holiday flats open all year round and designed to accommodate from 2 to 11 guests, with clearly defined spaces and well equipped with everything you need. We are located in Bordes, opposite Grandvalira.


Aspects to bear in mind when travelling with your pet

When travelling with your pet, you will have to take certain measures to cover their needs and adapt to unforeseen circumstances.

– Plan your journey well

If you are travelling by car, most likely if you are coming to Andorra, you will have to plan your stops to stretch your legs and feed and water your dog.

– Pack your pet’s “suitcase”

It is necessary to take with you everything he may need, such as his food, toys, water for the trip, medicines (if any) and his documentation. Remember that you have to cross a border and that Andorra has its own regulations regarding pets. Consult them here.

– Adapt your pet before travelling

If you are going to spend many hours travelling and your pet is not used to it, it would be a good idea to travel a few days beforehand so that it can gradually adapt.
In this article we complete all the details to take into account when travelling by car with your pet.

Travelling with your pet opens up a world of shared experiences that benefit you both. From strengthening bonds to promoting physical health, the possibilities for exploring together are virtually limitless. So next time you’re planning an adventure, consider taking your companion along.
We look forward to seeing you!

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