Come and enjoy skiing in Andorra

The countdown to skiing in Grandvalira begins! Coinciding with the first weekend of December, Friday 4 is the day scheduled to officially launch the 2020/21 ski season.Take note: we tell you everything you need to know to come skiing safely and where to stay in Andorra.


Enjoy skiing in the largest  ski domain of the Pyrenees

Grandvalira and Ordino-Arcalís are expected to be entirely open. Since last year, they have been part of the same resort and are included in the same ski pass. You will be able to ski every day in a different sector!

We suggest you to start in El Peretol sector with entrance just in front of Els Llacs Mountain Apartments, located in Bordes de Envalira (Soldeu). 


Anti-covid measures on the slopes for safe skiing

After a season that ended abruptly, this year the ski slopes will open again adopting new safety and hygiene anti-covid standards. Here is a summary of the most important points:

As in all Andorra, the use of the mask is compulsory both in closed spaces and on the public road, although it is not compulsory during the descents. However, it is recommended to keep the mask or an approved buffer on.

Grandvalira does not contemplate limiting the capacity of the slopes or ski lifts, but it does contemplate doing so in closed spaces, such as restaurants, shops or ski schools to guarantee a minimum distance of 1.5 metres.

In addition, the cable cars will be disinfected with a photocatalytic system to eliminate viruses and bacteria from all surfaces. There will also be disinfectant gel points in boarding areas, restaurants and resort buildings.

Ski and snowboard schools have also adapted their protocols and workers will be tested regularly.

So, feel secure!

Grandvalira is adapted with preventive measures so that you can ski with the usual safety.


A December in the snow without skis

If you don’t like skiing or want to combine your skiing days with other activities in the snow, you’re in the right place. In Grandvalira you will also find an endless number of activities to enjoy the snow with the whole family. From excursions to discover snowy landscapes, with snowshoes, mushing (dog sledge) or with cross country skis. Even the most fun activities such as the Snake Gliss.

Who says you can’ t go down a ski slope if you don’ t ski or snowboard? You can with the articulated sleds in the Soldeu sector. Another outstanding activity is the zip line that flies over Lake Forn, where you can jump in a seated position, horizontally or in tandem with your child.

You will surely want to try them all! 


Holiday rental apartaments with hotel services

If you want to enjoy all the advantages of staying in holiday apartments this December, Els Llacs Mountain Apartments are a must for you and your family. Because, as they are part of the Park Piolets group, you will also be able to take advantage of the comforts and services of a 4* hotel.

We offer you a catering service for breakfast, lunch or dinner. In addition, from the spa in the apartments, you will also have access to the Park Spa Mountain Wellness Club, its treatments, the gym and the Green Salon. You can also rent your skiing equipment in the hotel shop, as well as your technical clothing (ideal for trips with a light suitcase, although you will find large wardrobes in you accommodation so that you can store everything without any problems). If you travel with an electric car, you’ll have a recharging point to keep the battery fully charged

We offer you everything you need for your snow holiday.


In Els Llacs Mountain Apartment your pet is welcome

If one thing is clear to us, it is that your pet is part of your family. And in Els Llacs you can stay without giving up your pet. Simply tell us when you book. Here you will find all the necessary information about travelling with pets. 


Anti-covid security measures in Els Llacs Mountain Apartments

For your safety and that of all of us, we have also implemented prevention measures in the flats to avoid the spread of coronavirus. Check them out on our website


This December, take advantage of our ski pass in Grandvalira and stay in the mountain flats Els Llacs offer.

Book now!


5 benefits of Mushroom Hunting in Autumn

One of the best seasons for those who love to eat well has arrived. It is the time of the most expected fruits and vegetables for stews and seasonal dishes, without forgetting tasty mushrooms. Besides being delicious and nutritious, going to the mountains to look for mushrooms is one of the best activities to do in autumn.

We tell you 5 benefits for body and mind of going mushroom hunting: 

  1. Disconnect and breathe clean air

To begin with, you must travel to the mountains and spend a few hours away from home. This allows you to completely change the scenery and disconnect from your routine. It’s like a day of “mini-breaks” without thinking about the daily problems and enjoying nature. Besides, you get oxygen and breathe pure air.  

  1. Increase creativity and concentration

Most of the time you will forget about your mobile phone, emails, notifications and other technological distractions and focus on the present moment. You’ll only hear the sound of birds, the wind or the branches and fallen leaves of trees when you step on them, so you’ll increase your attentiveness. 

  1. Doing physical exercise

Walking in the mountains is a great exercise to keep fit. The climbs and descents in the mountains have nothing to envy to a good cardio session in the gym. So, you’ll burn calories while you’re in good company and filling your basket!

  1. It is suitable for everyone

It is a fun activity that you can do alone, if you are an expert mushroom hunter, or accompanied by your family or group of friends, including children.

  1. Take advantage of the outing to eat well

Now that you know some of the benefits of going mushroom hunting for the body, we’ll tell you about the benefits for the palate 😉.

Certainly, when you finish you will be hungry and the excuse is perfect to discover the Andorran gastronomy. There is nothing better than going to a Borda, a typical Andorran restaurant, to try their seasonal dishes with mushrooms. Accompany grilled meat with milk caps or a cream of mushrooms. Don’t forget to try the “ceps” in carpaccio or risottos.  They are also very tasty in omelettes and scrambled eggs or as an accompaniment to a game stew.

As you can see, there are infinite combinations for all tastes.

Enjoy your meal!

Well-equipped for the mountains

Ideally, when you go looking for mushrooms, you should use a wicker basket: they will keep better than if you put them in a plastic bag, as the latter is where they are moistened. It is also necessary to carry a small knife to cut them, because if they are pulled out by the roots they will not grow back.

One very important thing: if you don’t know the type of mushroom or you are not sure, don’t pick it. There are poisonous species and you could get intoxicated. It is always better to consult an expert. 

Do not forget that you are going to the mountains and that you have to be well equipped and have suitable shoes. It’s a good idea to get hold of some mountain poles, which will help you to lean and check the ground before you step on it. Remember that it’s the rainy season and the land can be damp under fallen leaves.

Looking for mushrooms in the mountains is an ideal activity to disconnect, do physical activity, eat well… and a lot of other benefits. Another one is that you can take advantage of the occasion to have an autumn break in Andorra. The good location of our holiday appartments and the fact that we are open all year round makes us the best option. Moreover, when you arrive at your accommodation you will be able to cook for yourself the fruits of the day’s outing.


LLacs Mountain Apartments, nominated for the World Ski Awards 2020

We have been nominated by the renowned World Ski Awards in the category of mountain accommodation in Andorra. At the same time, Grandvalira has also been chosen to win the award for the best ski resort in the country. A perfect match, don’t you think?

In case you don’t know them, we’ll tell you what these prestigious awards are about.


The renowned World Ski Awards

This award recognizes excellence in the world of skiing, a sector that involves some 400 million skiers a year in more than 2,500 resorts worldwide and approximately 6 million hotel beds. This is its eighth edition and will take place from 20 to 22 November in the Alps, with a gala included. The World Ski Awards have 5 different categories: Best Ski Resort, Best Ski Hotel, Best Ski Boutique Hotel and Best Ski Chalet. 

The winners will be voted and the deadline is September 27th. On the one hand, the industry professionals are voting, and on the other hand, the general public is voting through their website.  

These awards belong to the prestigious World Travel Awards. Created in 1995, their aim is to reward the excellence of companies and brands in each of their sections in the world of tourism.


And we are in the category: Best Ski Chalet.

We love the idea! Because we do all that is possible to make our accommodation a reference spot in which to spend a perfect holiday.

We have 25 vacation apartments ideal for families and groups of friends, all year round. None of them are the same, the only thing they share is the typical mountain style and decoration with noble materials such as wood and stone.

If you like to enjoy nature, you will appreciate the balconies and terraces of the apartments with views to the mountains. In summer you will see everything in green and in winter you will enjoy watching the snow fall while you drink a cup of hot chocolate. 😉

Moreover, you will not lack anything as they are 100% equipped with all the necessary equipment.

Take note that your holiday will also be safe. We have adopted new hygiene and safety measures to prevent the spread of covid-19.


Apartments with hotel services

In Els Llacs Mountain Apartments you will find services and facilities at your disposal to improve your stay and your comfort level.

We have a spa and outdoor jacuzzi, ideal to rest after a day in the mountains or shopping and a fitness room to continue with your daily training. We don’t forget about the little ones, who will be able to have fun in the playground.

So that you don’t have to worry about anything, you can make your shopping online before your arrival and have it delivered to our apartments, and as a novelty this winter we will also have a catering service in case you don’t feel like cooking.

Of course we also have a covered and supervised parking, transfer to the slopes in winter, rental of clothes and ski equipment, ski storage and a room for storing bikes in summer.

Comfort is assured here!


An unbeatable situation

We are in Bordes de Envalira, just 700 metres far from Grandvalira, with access to the recently opened Peretol sector. With a very good location 5 minutes from the village of Soldeu and the sector Grau Roig. The tourist apartments Els Llacs are ideal for skiing from any sector and also to enjoy excursions and activities the rest of the year.


We will be delighted to welcome you and make sure you have the best of stays. And if we have convinced you to vote for us, you can still do so on the World Ski Award website until 27 September.


Family activities in Andorra: find the seven Tamarros

Do you know the Tamarros? They are magic beings that live in the Pyrenees and are very difficult to see. They are hidden in the woods and mountains. Would you like to join your children to look for these wonderful creatures? It’s a great activity for the whole family. As well as taking you to discover new corners of our country, you will enjoy nature and the little ones in the house will get a reward.

Leave to find the seven Tamarros

Have fun with your family this summer by searching for the seven Tamarros who are hiding all over Andorra. Their hideouts are easily accessible and located in beautiful natural areas, near viewpoints, rivers or picnic areas.

We have been told that these beings are protecting our natural habitat from an evil troll called “Brutícia” (dirt) who is dirtying everything it finds around: forests, lakes, meadows… Each Tamarro takes care of one of the seven parishes of the Principality and the children who visit us can help them in their mission. They only have to find the magic portals and activate them with a round stone so that the Tamarros can find their way out of their magic world to Andorra.

At the end of the search, and to reward this great help, each child will receive a gift. But before starting, you have to visit a tourist office to get a notebook to fill in at each point. The closest one is in Canillo.

Let the search begin! 

End the day resting in the spa

After all that hard work, you deserve a reward too. When you arrive at the Els Llacs Mountain apartments, recover yourself in our spa with mountain views while listening to the singing of the birds or watching a sunset from the Jacuzzi.


This summer don’t think twice about it. Come and spend your holidays surrounded by nature, discovering the Tamarros’ hideout, an activity in Andorra for the whole family. Stay at Els Llacs Mountain Apartments and enjoy all the comfort and unbeatable location of tourist apartments in the countryside.


Top 5 reasons to spend your summer holidays in tourist apartments

As summer approaches, this year more than ever we are hungry for holidays. After an atypical spring, in which we have spent most of our time locked at home, it’s time to go out and breathe some fresh air. You deserve it!

The best destination for these holidays is Andorra. Where else will you be able to enjoy the mountain in all its splendour, nature and pure air? Not to mention the pleasure of being able to sleep soundly without the oppressive heat of other areas.

So, if you want your stay to be an unforgettable experience, we are going to tell you five reasons why this summer, definitely, you have to stay in holiday apartments like Els Llacs Mountain Apartments.

  1. Enjoy a more flexible schedule

You don’t have to keep an eye on the time all day for breakfast or dinner. You decide what time you want to eat and you can quietly enjoy the after-dinner meal and the coffee.

  1. All the comforts of home

In our tourist apartments you have everything as if you were at home. You don’t need to carry anything, since we’ ve put it there.They are 100% equipped with electrical appliances, all the kitchen utensils you need and bed and bath linen.

As we said, you can eat at the time you want and the most important thing: what you want. You make your own shopping and you can keep it comfortably in the fridge or in the kitchen cupboards. If you follow a special diet, you don’t have to worry as you will continue to eat as you like, even if you are on holiday.

If you travel with very young children or babies it is the best option to follow their routines and to have more space to have all their accessories.

  1. Your home away from home

Another advantage of staying in an apartment is that you have different areas in the same accommodation. Each one has its own space and you enjoy more privacy. If you travel with children you can put them to sleep earlier in another room while the adults can continue doing other activities.

  1. Avoid the common areas

In the apartments themselves there are no common areas, such as restaurants or free buffets. That makes more difficult to cross paths with other clients and so, social distancing is guaranteed. So you will avoid queuing or having more restrictive schedules in this regard. For your safety and that of all of us, we have designed new protocols to prevent the coronavirus in our mountain apartments. You can read the prevention measures we apply following the health recommendations here.

  1. Animals are welcome

We are a Pet Friendly Lodge, so you don’t have to worry about where you leave your pet while you are on vacation, we accept your pets here! All you have to do is to follow a few simple rules of coexistence. 

  1. Extra advantage: the situation

The Llacs Mountain Apartments are located in the middle of nature surrounded by mountains, with impressive views. In the heart of the Grandvalira ski area, from here you have good opportunities for excursions.

Now that you know why it is better to stay in tourist apartments, you only have to book your holiday in Andorra. 


Enjoy your safe summer holidays in Andorra

In a few days we will meet again! Start to imagine your summer holidays in Andorra, because in a few days we open again Els Llacs Mountain Apartments.

Summer activities in Andorra

We are not the only ones thinking about opening. There are other tourism establishments that are considering operating this summer with the relevant security measures to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

At the moment, these are the first news we have received and of which we are beginning to speak: this summer we will be able to enjoy Mon(t) Magic in Canillo, Soldeu Golf, located in Grandvalira and the Bike Park in Pal in Vallnord station.

For the moment, the activities and timetables have not been confirmed. But they are starting to talk about security measures.

A limited volume of people will be considered. For example, to get on the chairlifts and cable cars, the limit is set at 2 people (or more if they belong to the same family) and they will be disinfected after each use.There is also talk of making reservations and payments by internet to avoid physical contact and thus encourage minimum distance. In addition, from our apartments, at the time of booking your stay, we can also manage the tickets for these activities, as soon as we have more information. 😉

Another of the activities to be opened is the Palau de Gel, located in Canillo, where preventive actions will also be implemented to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

And if you wish, you can also take a bath in Caldea this summer. The centre is also working to adopt major safety measures in its thermal waters, as well as in all its facilities.

Not to mention that these activities in Andorra are perfectly complemented by excursions to the mountains.

Don’t forget that our tourist apartments are very well located, at the door of Grandvalira in the middle of the mountain. They are ideal for hikking in the open air and enjoying 100% of nature and are suitable for all levels!

Opening of borders

The borders with neighbouring countries have been closed during the entire coronavirus quarantine period. As of June 1, the border with France will be opened and the Spanish border is expected to open in early July. In order to allow tourists to travel to Andorra, work is underway to make it a domestic destination in both countries.

Andorra is a safe country to travel to

As in any other country, Andorra was also quarantined by completely stopping its activities and confining the entire population to their homes. It also began a gradual deconfinement in which, little by little, economic activities and businesses were resumed. In mid-April, measures were taken to ensure that citizens began to enjoy one hour every two days in the open air, with specific time slots. And so, until June 1 when these restrictions were lifted and the vast majority of economic activities were resumed.

On the other hand, it has pioneered a study of antibodies to the entire population.

As general safety measures all people must wear a mask in their daily life, as well as gloves and disinfectant gel for people facing the public, among other measures according to their activity.

In Els Llacs Mountain Apartments we will also open with all possible safety measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19. You can check them out here. See you very soon!


We are pet friendly: in Els Llacs Mountain Apartments your pets are welcome

At Els Llacs Mountain Apartments we make it easy for you! Because we know that your pet is part of your family and you don’t want to be away from it even on holiday: here pets are welcome, we are pet friendly apartments.

Pet friendly apartments in Andorra

You can stay with your pet in all our holiday apartments. They are big and spacious enough to be with the whole family and your furry four-legged. They also have a terrace or balcony overlooking the ski slopes. During your stay in the holiday apartments your pets can walk around freely but in the common areas we ask that they are tied up or kept in their kennels.     

Places where you can walk your dogs

In Andorra, contact with nature is on offer all year round. You will find many easily accessible paths where you can go with your pet. As in the way of Les Pardines that goes from Els Cortals de Encamp to Engolasters lake or the “Recs” located in the capital. At the foot of the pet friendly apartments, in Bordes de Envalira, there are also areas where you can go for a walk which is without doubt a good way to discover unique natural spots. In winter, you will have a great time playing with the snow and in summer walking in the mountains or crowning a peak if you are a mountain lover. The city centre, with its pedestrian areas, also allows you to take a walk with your pet and stop for a drink on one of the terraces.     

Rules to bear in mind when you travel with a pet:

  • In order to make the coexistence with the rest of the guests pleasant, we have set up some simple rules to be followed inside the holiday apartments and in the common areas you will find here.
  • To travel to Andorra your pet must be identified with a microchip, vaccinated against rabies and have a current “Passport for pets”. For more information please follow the link of the Department of Foreign Affairs of the Government of Andorra where you will find all the information of your interest.
  •   You only have to let us know at the time of booking, so that we can take it into account and arrange it so that the whole family feels at ease. Here we are pet friendly!
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