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In Andorra, there are a thousand options for young and old alike to enjoy a day out in nature. The impressive landscape of mountains and valleys with a number of routes suitable for all levels make it an ideal place for hiking with children.
Here are some of the easiest and most fun itineraries that we have thought of for you, although there are many more options available.

The Toll Bullidor Path: a stairway to the water

To get to the start of this route you don’t have to leave the parish of Canillo. All you have to do is take the car and drive to the Meritxell roundabout in the direction of Les Molleres. Once you park you can start the trail to the Toll Bullidor, from the bridge. It is an easy walk that follows the river where there is a viewpoint that allows you to see the beautiful village of Meritxell and the sanctuary. You have to go down a flight of steps to reach the viewpoint to see the waterfall.

Tristaina’s First Lake: a trail for beginners

This is a simple hike with little elevation gain lasting 40 minutes, ideal for children to make their first excursion to the mountain. The starting point is in the area of La Coma in the Ordino-Arcalís resort. The excursion can be extended to see the other two lakes, the lake of Mig (in the middle) and the lake of Més Amunt (higher up). It is a circular hike of 4.4 kilometres that can be done in approximately 3 hours.
From la Coma de Arcalís you can also access the solar viewpoint. 

The magical paths of Maraculla: an outdoor activity for the whole family

Hiking with children can also be great fun and educational. In Andorra you’ll find four themed routes specially designed for children to get close to nature. On these circular routes, objects have been placed, integrated into the environment and related to the theme, so that they can learn to interpret them while having fun. You’ll have a great time helping your children to follow the clues! The tourist offices will give you the guides to the magic paths. The circuit called “where the mushrooms are” is the closest to Els Llacs Mountain Apartments. You will have to go to the Coll de Ordino road and follow the tracks in the guide to discover the most common mushrooms in Andorra.

The Ordino Living Forest (Bosc Viu): hiking with children in an original way

You will have to go to Ordino to reach the starting point of the trail in the forest of l’Esquella. It lasts 10 minutes and is suitable for children aged 3 and over. It can also be done from the village of Segudet, with a pleasant climb that will not take you more than 40 minutes. Once you reach the forest, you will discover the tradition of the Christmas Tio walking among the tree trunks. Right next to the Bosc del Tió, and without leaving the Living Forest (Bosc Viu), you can stroll through a space where nature and art come together. The sculptor Angel Calvente integrates his works into the trees to achieve a magical and original effect.

Will you find the seven Tamarros of Andorra?

The mountains of Andorra are magical and hide many legends that are the perfect excuse for hiking with children. On this occasion we suggest you go out and find the Tamarros, fantastic beings that protect nature in Andorra. There are 7 of them distributed all over the country and they are located in easily accessible mountain spots. We’ll just give you a hint about the first one: it’s called Nilo and it’s very close to the Maraculla magic path in Canillo 😉.

Hiking routes with children
This is a very enriching activity, as it allows them to breathe pure, fresh mountain air and is an excellent way of doing sport with the whole family. The trails adapted for the little ones are designed so that they can gain knowledge while having fun and discovering the local flora and fauna. These trails are perfect for all ages and many can be done with a dog.

If you decide to introduce your children to hiking, we will provide you with the best rest for them to recover their strength after a day of excitement.

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