Monumentos de Andorra

Our article gives you ideas on how to organise some tours of Andorra’s monuments. Some of them you already know, but you are sure to discover at least one new one. What they have in common is that you can combine them with other activities, they don’t cost anything and most of them are accessible to dogs.

One of Andorra’s most famous monuments

La noblesse du temps” is located in the square of the roundabout, over the Valira river. You’re likely to come across it while shopping in the country’s most central streets. The sculpture created by Salvador Dalí symbolises the passing of time. The crown on the clock is the artist’s representation of the dominion of time over humanity.
Another interesting spot is just behind this piece of art: the Paris Bridge, with the famous Andorra la Vella letters that light up at night. It is one of the most Instagrammable places in the capital. Many families and couples stop in front of the sculpture to have their photo taken with the sign in the background.

A stroll through a fairytale village in Sant Julià

Auvinyá is a small village of “relatively” new construction, resulting from a private initiative. It is an urbanisation recreated as a small medieval village built with wood, stone and slate, with details that will transport you back to this period. The Casa Auvinyà vineyards are also located here, famous for the production of their high altitude wine, which you can also visit (for a fee).
There is still more… Now that you are in this part of Sant Julià, follow the road to La Rabassa and reach the Juberri gardens. Another magical place where art and nature merge. You’ll be amazed by the sculptures of animals, famous monuments of great cities and mythological beings scattered throughout the area.

A cup of tea in the mountains

It sounds like a great plan, but this is another sculpture . If you’re a fan of Andorra, you’re sure to know it: it’s the famous “Storm in a teacup” that you can see at Coll de la Botella, near Pal. A large metal structure that recreates a cup on a giant plate. To get there you will pass through Pal, another mountain village where it is well worth making a stop and strolling through its streets. If you’re travelling with children, don’t miss the route through the “Forest of the Menairons”, where these magical creatures live. These three visits are no problem for you and your four-legged companion.

Art in the middle of nature

Another sculpture that you are sure to be familiar with. It is located in the Arcalís ski resort at an altitude of 2,155 metres and is called “Punto sublime” (Sublime Point). The way it is inclined, it looks as if this giant “O” has to roll down the side of the mountain. You can combine this visit with the solar viewpoint and it is also the starting point for mountain routes, such as the Tristaina lakes. All of them, routes to share with your four-legged friend and suitable for children too.

An authentic mediaeval bridge

Another of Andorra’s monuments is the Margineda Bridge. Built in the 15th century, it is the only one of its kind still standing in the country: 33 metres long and with a single arch of nine and a half metres. It is located on the old royal road that leads to Andorra la Vella from Sant Julià and across the Valira River. You can get there on foot from the capital or by car.

These are some of Andorra’s outdoor sculptures and monuments, but there are many more. As most of the routes are pet-friendly, you can enjoy them with your dog.
Have you already chosen which one do you prefer?

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