If you love snow sports in general and skiing in particular, this is a good time to take up ski touring. At the Els Llacs Mountain Apartaments we suggest activities for you to continue enjoying the snow in Andorra this year.


Get started in ski touring with NWPD

The company NWPD offers a very complete course to learn the tricks of this discipline. A professional mountain guide will teach you the secrets and techniques to introduce you to ski touring. The activity lasts between 5 and 6 hours, starts in the morning and is done in a group. To get the most out of it, it is done on terrain with perfect snow and weather conditions. But don’t worry, because it is very close to the flats.

The class, as we said at the beginning, is very complete and is done in different stages. First of all, the instructor will introduce the group to the equipment and explain how to use it. Then, he will start with the basic techniques of ski mountaineering to teach you how to move. In addition, the instructor will also teach you notions on how to draw a safe circuit and how to recognise the traps in the terrain to avoid accidents. With him, you will practice ascents and descents and he will also give you a lot of tips that only a good professional can give you.


Equipment needed for ski mountaineering

To do the course you will need: cross-country skis, poles, skins and blades (recommended). Safety equipment: DVA, shovel and probe. You will also need to take out insurance, although if you don’t have it, you can take it out when you register for the course. Both the equipment and the technical and warm clothing (trousers and ski jacket) can be rented at the Park Piolets hotel, of which we are part.


Freeride on Pic Maià

Another of the activities offered by this company (and also with expert guides) is an off-piste skiing course. But for this activity we will have to wait for a good downhill and ideal conditions to be able to enjoy it to the full. The area where it takes place is Pic Maià.


To find out when these courses will take place you can contact us and we will inform you of all the details.  Of course, you will be staying very close to the spots where these activities take place.

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