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The ski season isn’t over yet! This year it runs until 16 April, so there’s still time to come skiing in spring. The last months of the season are characterised by higher temperatures, longer and sunnier days, so you’ll have to adapt to the conditions. To continue enjoying the slopes until the last day we give you some tips that we hope you will find useful. It is also important that you plan your getaway well and check the weather before leaving home.

How to ski in spring

To enjoy the snow in April and March you have to bear in mind that the temperatures are higher and the sunshine is more intense than in the first months of the season. As the spring season begins, the snow melt increases and the snow becomes softer. So you will have to adapt to the weather for spring skiing. The watchword is to get up early and take advantage of the early hours of the day when the snow is in the best condition. In the morning the snow is firmer and as the day progresses it becomes softer. Start on the lower slopes and those that are sunnier, and leave the higher slopes and those that get less sun for later in the day, as the snow is better preserved there.

Dress in layers for spring skiing

Even though it’s getting warmer, don’t get overconfident… remember you’re in the mountains. The weather changes frequently, the temperature varies during the day and you’re at a higher altitude. If you want to ski in spring or enjoy snow activities, it’s best to dress in layers. In the morning it is much colder, but by midday the sun is warmer. So ideally you should be able to take off pieces of clothing to avoid sweating.

– On the body

Choose a lighter outer jacket as well as a mid-layer. Zipped clothes help to ventilate and help you to last longer in them. For the close-to-body area, wear a moisture-wicking garment to avoid sweating.

– On the head and neck

Wearing a helmet is compulsory, but a hat or ski straps may not be necessary. For the neck you can wear a lighter garment that will still protect you from the cold in the early hours of the morning and that you can keep in your pocket when it gets warmer.

– Goggles

Of course, goggles are essential all season and even more so in these months when the sun reflects much more on the snow.

– Gloves

Although the thermometer starts to rise, don’t leave them at home, because they also protect you from the sun. If you prefer, you can choose thinner gloves that will make you sweat less.

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