Magical places to walk with your dog in winter in Andorra

Don’t let the cold stop you! Come to Andorra with your pets in winter too. Enjoy long walks in the countryside amidst snowy landscapes in a mountain setting or discover the country at Christmas. In this article we’ll reveal some incredible places to walk in Andorra with your dog that you may not have known about, or to rediscover them during these special dates. 


An urban Christmas walk

We take you to the city centre to stroll among the decorations and lights typical of this time of year. It starts in Escaldes and ends in the historic centre of Andorra la Vella. Make the most of the opportunity to take a stroll around the Christmas market to buy the latest gifts or get a first-hand look at the country’s local products.

Along this route there are countless places where you can stop with your pet and take fun photos. With the illuminated letters of Andorra la Vella by the river or the 3 giant decorated Christmas trees. You can do this tour in the afternoon or late at night if you prefer to take a more leisurely stroll with your dog.


In this article we tell you what you need to bring your pet to Andorra and give you some tips for travelling with it by car.


The Ordino Iron Route

To do this trail you will have to go to the other valley, to the parish of Ordino. It is a route of just over 4 km, accessible and suitable for the whole family, where you can walk along a mountain path with your dog. It is ideal because it combines nature and culture and takes you on a journey through one of the most important economic activities for Andorra in the past, metallurgy. Along the route you’ll see sculptures that refer to this industry while your four-legged friend will have a great time in contact with nature. 


In winter, and especially when you take your dog to the snow, you should bear in mind a series of recommendations that we leave you with in this article.


Visit Canillo and its life-size Nativity Scene

Near the flats you will find the village of Canillo, which during the Christmas period becomes the scene of a giant nativity scene. Take the opportunity to take a nice walk with your pet while you have fun looking for the more than 200 life-size figures that represent different scenes of the Nativity Scene, such as the nativity, the shepherds, the peasants with their animals or the Three Wise Men.


Strolling around the Engolasters lake and the surrounding area

Finally, another proposal in nature also accessible in winter: the Engolasters lake. An easy route to enjoy with the whole family and your pet. It is ideal for a walk around the lake and enjoy a typical mountain and snow landscape.


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Pet friendly

Advantages of staying in pet-friendly accommodation when travelling with pets

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Advantages of booking in pet friendly flats

  • You have more space:

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  • There is a kitchen:

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  • Els LLacs also have a balcony or terrace:

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  • Good location for walking

Our mountain flats are ideally located for enjoying walks in the mountains in both winter and summer.


What you need to travel with your pets in Andorra

In order to come to Andorra with your pet you need it to be identified with a microchip, vaccinated against rabies and have a valid pet passport. You can consult all the information here.


Plans to make with your dog

Andorra is a pet friendly country where you will find many places to walk your dog. We tell you about places that are easily accessible and that you can reach easily both in winter and in summer.

  • El Rec del Solà and El Obac: these are two cobbled paths in Andorra la Vella and outside the town centre. They are ideal for walking with your four-legged friend. You can also go to the old part of the capital when you finish.
  • The Engolasters lake: it is very accessible and you can get there by car and then walk to the lake and even extend this route to the Camí de les Pardines. Apart from exercising with your pet you will also enjoy the beautiful views.

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We are pet friendly: in Els Llacs Mountain Apartments your pets are welcome

At Els Llacs Mountain Apartments we make it easy for you! Because we know that your pet is part of your family and you don’t want to be away from it even on holiday: here pets are welcome, we are pet friendly apartments.

Pet friendly apartments in Andorra

You can stay with your pet in all our holiday apartments. They are big and spacious enough to be with the whole family and your furry four-legged. They also have a terrace or balcony overlooking the ski slopes. During your stay in the holiday apartments your pets can walk around freely but in the common areas we ask that they are tied up or kept in their kennels.     

Places where you can walk your dogs

In Andorra, contact with nature is on offer all year round. You will find many easily accessible paths where you can go with your pet. As in the way of Les Pardines that goes from Els Cortals de Encamp to Engolasters lake or the “Recs” located in the capital. At the foot of the pet friendly apartments, in Bordes de Envalira, there are also areas where you can go for a walk which is without doubt a good way to discover unique natural spots. In winter, you will have a great time playing with the snow and in summer walking in the mountains or crowning a peak if you are a mountain lover. The city centre, with its pedestrian areas, also allows you to take a walk with your pet and stop for a drink on one of the terraces.     

Rules to bear in mind when you travel with a pet:

  • In order to make the coexistence with the rest of the guests pleasant, we have set up some simple rules to be followed inside the holiday apartments and in the common areas you will find here.
  • To travel to Andorra your pet must be identified with a microchip, vaccinated against rabies and have a current “Passport for pets”. For more information please follow the link of the Department of Foreign Affairs of the Government of Andorra where you will find all the information of your interest.
  •   You only have to let us know at the time of booking, so that we can take it into account and arrange it so that the whole family feels at ease. Here we are pet friendly!